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Everyone Influences Someone

Everyone has an impact (good or bad) on someone’s life. This is how we touch people’s life in ways that make a REAL difference. These are the habits of a remade person and growing follower of Jesus.  

I-nvest Gifts Through Ministry (Discovering, developing and using our spiritual gifts to serve God and others). 

M-eet as a Church Family (Actively preparing for and participating with other believers for discipleship, worship and praise). 

P-resent Christ well to others (Sending a positive message of Christ to others by how we live and what we say). 

A-ccept responsibility as a Steward (Viewing ourselves as accountable to God for how we invest the spiritual resources of time, money and talents He has entrusted to our care). 

C-reate Community through Small Groups (Developing open and healthy partnerships with others in a small group setting). 

T-ake time alone with God (Meeting alone with God daily for meditation, instruction, prayer and partnership with Him).